You cannot assume all internet promotion techniques work the same for all the different web sites, but to be able to boost the traffic to your site, you may have to offer free services or any other promo gifts. Presenting free services or promotional products to the website visitors could mean a big difference in the world when converting a visitor into a customer. Folks like freebies, whether it’s free shipping, a freebie, or buy one get one no cost offer. People like to know they’re getting a good deal and they’ll usually flock to the source to find out what’s available. What are even better, people don’t forget where they got their freebie from, especially when it is an item you can use often.

You’ll find actually thousands of ways to promote your internet site as well as raise the traffic, but it’s your responsibility to discover the way that works well with your site. Here are the top 3 ways to provide free services or promotional gifts to increase your website visitors and to convert your mere site visitors into loyal customers.

1. Contests

Everyone loves to enter and win contests. The excitement of competing with other people for any great reward or for several other prizes might be exciting. Contests work a number of ways: by the entrant choosing to opt-in for your website’s ezine, completing a survey, or many other ways. Prizes could vary from iPods, vehicles, DVDs, vacations and home theatre systems to items and gift certificates from the web site. The bigger the prize(s) or maybe the more prizes, the more entries are going to be received. You can select from one entry per individual or unlimited entries. You may even pick one entry per person plus one more entry per referral. This method could produce a lot more prospects, which can lead to extra sales and profits. Make sure you are following your state’s law about contests prior to publishing the contest on your site and any regulations and rules.

2. Banner Advertising

This could work two ways. You may pay to get your website’s banner ad promoted on many other websites, directories and search engines or you may use banner exchanges. A banner exchange is agreeing advertising other banner ads on your own website totally free while the internet site you’re promoting for is placing your banner ad on their website, at no cost as well. That’s why the term banner exchanges. Purchasing banner ads might be a great benefit and done at reasonable prices. If you decide to exchange ad banners, it is usually cost-free, but you’ll have to keep in mind the more banner exchanges you are doing, that’s more advertisements that show on your site. Remember that you don’t want to clutter your website with other business ad banners. Pick the sites you’ll be advertising on thoroughly. They should be within the general part of your business. As an example, if you’re in business with selling puppy toys, you’ll want to advertise with pet websites like veterinarians, doghouses and other related sites. You wouldn’t want to advertise puppy toys on the building equipment website.

3. Discounts

People enjoy bargains. A wonderful way to convert a visitor into a client is by giving them special discounts and offers. Free delivery on the first order or on an order over $50 will certainly attract the interest of such bargain seekers. Buy one get one free or buy one, get one half off can be a popular lure to attract customers to purchase extra services or products. Also you can offer 10-20% off the second order, or even a special discount once they refer you to someone who buys something. Men and women flock to the twelve hours sales, specifically around the holidays. The possibilities are almost endless. You need to make your customers believe they’re getting a great deal. Just a free gift with each order might be a good incentive to purchase from your site.

Find your target audience and send them offers they can’t refuse. Free services and promotional gifts doesn’t just raise the traffic to your site, it can almost guarantee loyal and repeating customers as well as an increase in sales, which can be the perfect ingredients for running a profitable website business.

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