With the understanding of the significance of list building, comes a recent Online marketing trend that was started just a few years ago for the mutual benefits of all Internet Marketers and mailing list owners.

This method is much more recognized as a “starting a Give Away venture”.

Inside a real sense, a Give Away event is really a lot like a big time variation of ad swaps. In a few words, a group of mailing list owners partner together and pool in their personal gifts in a single limited-time event.

Every contributing partner contributes a gift to the event. The present might be a free of charge item, membership pass or even a product he is already selling (if he is kind enough to supply to the event).

The participating partner prepares a Lead Capture Page where he provides the gift in exchange for that subscriber’s electronic mail address. In other words, in order for a visitor to download digital gift, he should opt in and sign up to your mailing list.

When the gifts are pooled together into one event (site), every companion will then promote the Give Away event to their personal e-mail lists.

The result: lots of visitors to one event as a collective effort of various participating partners.

With so many website visitors downloading gifts from one focused event, it’s a true win-win situation. This is mainly because the visitors are able to download several no cost gifts for their personal use and each partner gets to build their very own mailing list!

You can simply get informed about a Give Away event in the making by interacting with other Internet Marketers often or participating in Online marketing discussion and Joint Venture boards.

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